Wanting to integrate and automate different workflows, applications and technologies together! Pixopa’s SaaS delivery model offers a practical alternative to your conventional licensing requirements.

Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) is a model where the service provider delivers an application service over the internet. This service can be rented or licensed for a contracted amount of time. So instead of buying, installing and maintain the infrastructure, you simply can access the application through your browser. It is rapidly becoming popular as it is affordable and eliminates the need of managing it. Some popular SaaS products are Office 365, Dropbox, Google G Suite, Sales Force and Xero.

Application Architecture Consulting

We will provide you with a well-designed SaaS application that is highly secure, scalable and configurable.

Experienced and Reliable Support

We have a customer-centric approach, proven methodologies to mitigate risks and hundreds of SaaS implementation to talk about.

High Security

SaaS models naturally make security an important aspect for both vendors and customers. Hence Pixopa provides advanced application data security, authentication techniques and high-end authorization to protect your business interests.


With SaaS, the configuration process is fast and easy for customers without incurring extra development or operational cost.


With SaaS deployment, we ensure that concurrent processes are optimized and maximized thus making use of application resources effectively.

Pixopa understands that application architecture decisions are crucial for any business and can have long term effect on business and technology scalability. Reach out to our experts who can guide you effectively choosing the right technology for your business.

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