Web to print takes eCommerce print solutions, web to print and online print shops to a whole new level. More than that, it heralds the beginning of a new era in the print industry.

● pixopa is based on the world’s leading eCommerce-system, Magento, with an open and flexible architecture, and its thousands of extensions make it easily extendable, simple to sophisticated.

● Product-specifications are automatically detected by the preflight-check, and they are fully automated all the way into production.

● Different print data editors provide the best possible usability for any scenario, including live-preview for a realistic 3D-preview of your final personalized print product.

The result of all these ingredients is one of the most flexible standard software currently available for the online print industry. Both our software and our project development can be adjusted to match any requirement, any budget and any company size.

Print data, job folders and dispatch notes are created and integrated in the production workflow after every order. If desired, printQ can also issue standard compliant JDF-files for every printing order. Additionally, print data, job folders and dispatch notes can be placed on to your servers automatically with FTP. This way, processes can be reasonably automated and production costs can be optimized. You maintain your overview over your production at all times and can intervene if, for example, a customer has sent wrong data. CloudLab will gladly support you in further automation.

In pixopa customers are able to edit their print files with a modern HTML5-editor. For precise design (pixel-accurate positioning, rotating, tilting, cropping, etc.), labeling and sharing of your print data you have access to functional cross-platform tools. Of course this includes layers for complex print products like labels, displays or packaging. Thanks to real time-preview you work straight on your print product. This is as much control as you can possibly get. As an admin you are able to decide exactly which formatting you want to share with your customers. After completion of the processing pixopa generates a PDF-file that is 100% ready to print, along with all the necessary information like, for example, crop, media, bleed and trim box, embedded fonts as well as colors according to your needs in CMYK, RGB or spot-colors (HKS, Pantone).

Magento Web To Print : Module Combine Magento e-commerce platform with our web-to-print and dynamic imaging extension to add powerful product personalization features to your online store. From T-shirts, to rubber stamp, to online ads and business cards – you can personalize it all.