HTML5 based Online All-in-One Product Designer Studio

Pixopa’s revolutionary HTML5 All-in-One Online Product Designer Studio is created keeping in mind the design artists as well as end-customers. Pixopa's Online Design Tool has features that enable users to create stunning designs and user-friendliness for seamless user experience. It is truly the World's Most Advanced Online Product Designer in the Industry.

Features List


HTML5 Design Studio Overview

Pixopa's HTML5-based Online Designer Studio is the World's Most Advanced Studio loaded with amazing features and functions.

  • Mobile and Tablets Compatible
  • Facebook, Instagram, Picasa, Flickr Integrated
  • 500+ Built-in Fonts
  • Clipart Management
  • Template Management
  • CMYK / RGB Compatible
  • Lightning Fast Speed
  • Works for Products of any Size and Shape
  • Any Language / Locale Supported

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Standard Functions

Standard Functions of HTML5 Online Design Studio

  • Undo / Redo Previous Actions
  • Clear All Canvas Elements
  • Cut / Copy / Paste / Delete Elements
  • Set Background Image or Any Color
  • Clear Background
  • Set Canvas Scale to Pixels, Inches or Cms
  • Enable Wireframe Mode
  • Display Reference Grid
  • Display Ruler Scale
  • PDF Preview
  • Save Designs to User Account
  • Single-Line and Multi-Line Text
  • Drag and Drop Images
  • QR Code Generator
  • Change SVG Cliparts Fill and Stroke Color
  • Freehand Drawing
  • Draw Lines, Circles, Rectangles, Paths
  • Convert Text to Path
  • Product Layout Masking
  • Zoom-in / Zoom-out Design Canvas
  • Shortcut Keys
  • Element specific Right Click Menu
Text Functions

Text Functions of HTML5 Online Design Studio

  • 500+ built-in Google Fonts
  • Any Language support for Unicode Fonts
  • Bold, Italic and Underline Text
  • Stretch Text to change Font Size
  • Change Font Size by input value
  • Enable / Disable Text Aspect Ratio
  • Multi-Line and Single-Line Text
  • Inline Editing of Single-line Text
  • Multi-Line Line Spacing
  • Left / Right / Center Text Alignment
  • Text Fill Color
  • Text Stroke Color
  • Align Text Element with respect to Canvas
  • Move Text Element to Front or Back
  • Text Opacity / Transparency
  • Text Gaussian Blur Effect
  • 360 degrees Text Rotation
  • Change X Y coordinates for positioning
  • Lock / Delete Text Element
Image Functions

Image Functions of HTML5 Online Design Studio

  • Multiple Images upload at one time
  • Drag and Drop Images on Canvas
  • Facebook, Instagram, Picasa, Flickr Integration
  • Upload iPhone, iPad Images
  • Low Resolution Warning
  • Stretch Image to change Size
  • Height and Width Resizing Scroller Bar
  • Crop Image
  • Image Filters - Grayscale and Glow Tone
  • Enable / Disable Aspect Ratio
  • 360 Degrees Image Rotation
  • Image Snap to Canvas Ability
  • 6 types of Image Alignment wrt Canvas
  • Move Image Element to Front or Back
  • Image Opacity / Transparency
  • Image Gaussian Blur Effect
  • Change X Y coordinates for positioning
  • Set Width and Height input values
  • Lock / Delete Image Element
Path Functions

Path Functions of HTML5 Online Design Studio

  • Freehand Drawing
  • Convert Path to Text Path
  • Add / Delete Nodes
  • Modify X Y Coordinates of Nodes
  • Open / Close Selected Path
  • Add Sub-paths
  • Path Fill Color
  • Path Stroke Color
  • Corner Radius for Squares / Rectangles
  • Align Path Element with respect to Canvas
  • Move Path Element to Front or Back
  • Path Opacity / Transparency
  • Path Gaussian Blur Effect
  • 360 degrees Rotation
  • Change X Y coordinates for positioning
  • Lock / Delete Path Element

HTML5 Online Designer Studio Demo

Frontend Live Demo of HTML5 Design Studio

Explore the cutting-edge HTML5-based Online Designer Studio

Backend Admin Demo

Please contact us to arrange access to explore Admin System

Feature Rich Online Designer Studio

The cutting-edge Design Studio can be integrated into any existing website. The Design Studio is also included in Hosted Ecommerce Storefront Solution and Magento Plugin. With Pixopa Design Studio as a solid platform, we can create a bespoke Design Studio and customize per client requirements at a separate hourly rate.
HTML5 Online Designer Studio

Same Design Studio for PC, Tablet and Mobile

Same Feature Rich Design Studio works on all devices. Pixopa Design Studio works seamlessly on portable devices. Design Studio is completely built on HTML5 and is NOT based on Adobe Flash, hence users can use it on iPhones, iPads, any other tablets or mobile devices. Customers can personalize designs and place order on the go using the same feature rich designer tool.

Drag and Drop your Favorite Images

Drag n Drop Images from Image Library, Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Instagram.Users can drag and drop their favorite and treasured images from Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, and Instagram directly on their design canvas. Not only this, they can upload and drag and drop images from their own local drive into their designs as well. If you don’t like drag and drop, there is an option of uploading by browsing the folders as well.

Drag n Drop Images from Image Library, Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Instagram
Built-in 500+ Google Fonts adds amazing typography

Fonts – a Lot of Them

Built-in 500+ Google Fonts adds amazing typography. Pixopa Design Studio comes with 500+ built-in Google Fonts. These fonts are divided in four groups to help you easily search the required font. Now, enthrall users with ability to include out-of-the-world typography in personalized designs.

Amazing Text Controls

Amazing Text Edit Controls. In Pixopa Design Studio, users can completely control text. They can add text, choose from 500+ fonts, change font size, make it bold and italic. Users can pick any font color. They can have separate colors for filling inside text and for text border stroke. They can select from a palette of standard colors or select freely from a color selection area. Not only that, they can fill plain as well as gradients made by combining any two colors of their choice.

Amazing Text Edit Controls
Built-in Cliparts

Built-in Cliparts – a Lot of Them

Built-in Shapes. Pixopa Design Studio has inbuilt cliparts to help users create design. There are 300+ cliparts grouped under various categories, like, animals, objects, arrows, mathematical, symbols, etc. For simple drawings they don’t need to search for or buy images anymore. Custom cliparts can be added as well using Clipart Management Module.

Make it Colorful

Design Studio Color Palette. Users can apply a wide range of colors to shapes. They can select color from a palette of standard colors or select freely from a color selection area. Not only that, they can fill plain as well as gradients made by combining any two colors of their choice. Add to it, the gradient can be in linear form as well as radial form.

Design Studio Color Palette

Salient features of HTML5 based All-in-One Online Product Designer Studio

Upload Images Once, Use them Forever

Images uploaded previously from local drive get saved in My Images folder. User can always drag & drop those images on design canvas, no need to upload them again and again.

Change Border Color and Width

Users can change border / outline colors as per their choice. It may be a plain color or gradient. They can also change the border / outline width and even remove it by setting width to zero.

Change Opacity / Transparency of Objects

With Pixopa Design Studio, users can set objects’ transparency. Setting transparency to various percentages helps in creating different effects of colors, that helps make stunning designs.

Align Objects

In Pixopa Design Studio, objects can be aligned left, centre, and right horizontally, and top, middle, and bottom vertically. With that, objects can not only be aligned to the page, they can be aligned to other objects as well. Even in objects, user can decide whether they are aligned with respect to the largest object or the smallest one. This gives user ability to align multiple objects properly as per requirement.

Arrange Objects

Users can arrange objects as per their requirement. They can bring an object to front and send it to back. Now, the users can show what needs to be shown, and hide what needs to be hidden (behind other objects).

Flip Horizontal, Flip Vertical

Pixopa Design Studio has options to flip objects (images, texts, shapes, etc). User can flip objects horizontally as well as vertically to get the right direction for object.

Change Blur Value of Objects

User can change Gaussian Blur Value for objects in Pixopa Design Studio. Now they can blur the sharpest images and other objects, whenever required, and use them suitably.

Resize, Rotate, Reposition Objects

Using Pixopa Design Studio, user can resize objects, rotate them, and reposition them. User can use the selection box handles to resize and rotate on canvas. For 100% accurate results, they can even directly enter the height, width, xy coordinates, and rotation angle in the space provided in Pixopa Design Studio.

Group Objects

Grouping objects in Pixopa Design Studio is easy. User can group multiple objects that may include text, images, and shapes, to make one object. Grouped objects behave as single object and all the further operations are performed on whole group as single object. User can ungroup those objects as well using ungroup button.

Set Image as Background

User can set any image as background image by just uploading it through Background Image tool. Pixopa Design Studio will automatically reduce the opacity of image and stretch it as per canvas size. User can also choose to stretch the image as per canvas by breaking aspect ratio or keep the aspect ratio and cut the extra image going out of canvas border.

High Resolution Vector or Bitmap Print Ready PDF Output

With revolutionary Design Studio technology, high resolution Vector or Bitmap Print Ready PDF Outputs are generated.

Open Standards = Portability

All templates designed in the Design Studio are saved as Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). SVG is an industry wide open standard for two-dimensional vector graphics, both static and dynamic. With SVGs, you can easily port in and out all your templates without any hassle. Most of the Flash based Design Studios do not have this ability and have proprietary formats of storing templates designs, which are not portable.