Wanting to roll-out the perfect omni-channel strategy to capitalize on emerging E-commerce opportunities! Pixopa’s E-commerce Consulting services are where the rubber meets the road.

From strategy to ongoing customization, digital E-commerce projects require meticulous planning and monitoring at every stage. Your E-commerce operation needs to be aligned with your business logic and commercial objectives. At Pixopa, we have the right experts to bring your digital commerce strategy into action. We focus on key E-commerce objectives and fine-tune existing systems thus ensuring better performance along with unmatched customer experience.

Pixopa’s E-commerce Consulting helps you to refine your digital goals and business objectives thus providing measurable results from your E-commerce investment. We provide personalized requirement and competitive analysis so that you can evaluate your performance; identify bottlenecks and hurdles that prevent sales. We can also help you to automate your supply-chain for real-time communication with your trading partners.

Why choose Pixopa’s E-Commerce Consulting Services?

Get us to design your E-commerce website tailored for your special audience. We provide the right social networking tools and advanced E-commerce technologies that help in providing more customer engagement. Offer video tutorials, search, guided navigation, RSS feeds, blogs and many more to build your customer’s trust. Improve their online shopping experience and implement strong upselling/cross-selling mechanisms to increase profit margins.

Pixopa has a unique three point strategic approach. Firstly we do the business analysis which involves requirements gathering and identification of omni-channel opportunities. Secondly, we analyze your target audience, existing product line and inventory and pricing structure. Based on this, we devise a plan for your online store workflow and identify the integrations required. Lastly, we identify the right technology that shall meet your objectives for omni-channel, multi-channel and mobile commerce. We also define the server infrastructure that you will require.

Pixopa uses cutting-edge web analytics tools for data-driven decision making. We help you to identify your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and which of your referral sources helped in fetching the best revenues to measure your investment in digital business. Now you can also determine the sources that have the highest browse-to-buy ratio and revenue-generation potential. Pixopa helps you track your website traffic, click-path tracking, identify revenue-enhancing opportunities like cross-selling and find those keywords that drive more sales.

Pixopa provides a cohesive, full-fledged solution for your complete E-commerce activities. Our flexible offerings supply everything for your E-commerce business that will help you achieve highly predictable results.

Generate quality traffic, attract new customers, and target a specific audience spectrum thus increasing more sales. Pixopa thus helps you to increase your brand visibility, achieve high rankings on popular Search Engines thus providing an excellent ROI on your E-commerce investments.

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