WordPress is an Open Source CMS that allows you to update and edit your website with an easy to use backend interface. When websites were first invented, each page existed as a separate HTML page in a file folder. If you wanted to update one link in the navigation menu, for example, you literally had to go into every single page on the site and manually update the navigation link. A CMS allows you to update the navigation link once and for that chance to take place across the entire website.

A customized WordPress theme is when you make minor adjustments to the CSS and HTML to match your company’s branding and colors. Generally speaking, this is where problems arise. Your logo won’t quite fit the format of the design. Your about us text doesn’t really work with their layout. You can’t really find a place for your call to action the way you want. And there’s this stats counter that you don’t really need but can’t seem to get rid of. Basically your trying to shove a square peg into a round hole and it shows.

WordPress online through create portfolios to brand their work and attract clients. To maintain such portfolios and capture client leads, the designers can make use of certain WordPress  plugin.

WordPress online design tool  to make different custom product design to create logo, business card, latter pad, mug design, t-shirt, cap design, phone case, buttons, posters, bottles, calendar and more.