Magento online personalization software:

Magento is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms out there. It firmly holds the title of a leader in customization and scalability capabilities. If you’re looking for something more custom than a Shopify store or don’t have the resources to invest into something like Hybris – Magento is right for you.

Magento tracks eCommerce trends, and that’s why they’ve been rolling out many useful functions to the platform that can help store owners personalize experiences for their visitors even further. Magento staff designated personalization as one of the most significant trends in eCommerce, and they’re doing everything possible to lead the way when it comes to user experience personalization.

A visitor’s point of view, good personalization feels intuitive and equals great customer service. From the company’s standpoint, personalization is streamlining the customer journey with content and interaction points for better conversion rates.

Benefits Magento online personalization software:

Improving Calls to Action

Highly relevant product recommendations

High Converting Landing Pages

Improved Customer Loyalty

Less follow up emails

Less wasted sales time

Increase Time on Site