What does Web-to-Print mean to a Print House?

Let’s recollect the very first time we purchased a Television set with a remote control. Earlier, every time we needed to change the channel, we had to go near the controls panel and switch the channel manually. However, now with the Television equipped with a remote control, we can change the channel with just a push of a button while relaxing on couch. We don’t need to take the efforts to go near the Television and keep changing the channels.

The philosophy is one single word – “AUTOMATION”

Now, applying the same principles in digital or commercial printing, with Web-to-Print system your printing method is never going to change with automation, but it will certainly help you speed up your prepress process thus helping you to increase your print volumes.

Your core strength will always be printing and tasks like storing, fetching, modifying and proofing client’s designs can be tedious. It would be phenomenal if these tasks are performed automatically from your web-to-print store front.

This is exactly where the web-to-print technology is used. It is the web technology that helps you take care of multiple clients, their projects, quotes, shipping etc. All you have to do is just keep printing and printing more.

Web-to-Print technology allows your clients to access your virtual print shop 24×7 without any human intervention. Your clients can view hundreds or thousands of design templates uploaded by you, make minor modifications, personalize them and do online proof approval. Online orders are print-ready and there is no prepress or artwork department required. Prepress tasks like storing, retrieving and modifying client’s designs are taken care by the client themselves and they submit the order after reviewing and approving the final proof.

A Web-to-Print Ecommerce system, like Pixopa, helps you to focus on more printing orders and reduce costs by automating a lot of business functions.