Sell Custom Invitations

Sell Custom Invitations

The first step to a good party is a great invitation. Sell design invitations that are a perfect prelude for any event in your Pixopa Web Store. Easily and naturally capture the theme of a party using the exquisite composition tools that Pixopa offers. Whether it is weddings, announcements, graduations, birthdays, you can cover it all using Pixopa. Your customers can use exquisite colors and phrases by designing invitations in the Design Xpress of Pixopa. so that custom invitations can quickly convey the theme of the party. They can also give their guests another reason to attend. It is the best way to incite that interest among their party guests.

How it Works?

Step 1 – Data Import and Setup


Step 2 – Create Layout and Templates of Invitations using Pixopa’s Revolutionary Online Design Studio


Step 3 – Start Selling Custom Printed Invitations Online in your Pixopa Web-to-Print Powered Ecommerce Store


Live Demo

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