Sell Custom Brochures

Sell Custom Brochures

Offer high-quality brochures to your customers so that they can give credibility to their business in an inexpensive way through your Pixopa-powered Ecommerce. Enable your customers to put their creative skills to work to design exclusive brochures using Pixopa. Your customers can harness the brochure layouts to design a brochure on their own using their own photos and text editing tools of Pixopa’s Design Xpress.

Standard Brochures

Sell standard brochures for advertising places like hotels, monuments or some product of a company and many other areas through Pixopa’s Web-to-Print Ecommerce platform. Your customers can now deliver facts with figures and important information using the right combination of text and images using Pixopa’s Design Xpress. These standard brochures can now provide your client with subtle information to know about their company and its products.

Roll Fold Brochures

Help your customers to sell a roll fold brochure that is great in design for leading readers through the information in an orderly fashion by offering it through the Pixopa Web Store. Help your customers to personalize a roll fold brochure with ideal graphics and designing tools of Pixopa to review the information in-depth in an open format. Your customers can now personalize their very own roll fold brochure using the fantastic text and designing tools that Pixopa offers.

Accordion Fold Brochures

Give a new look to your conventional brochure by selling accordion fold brochures in your Pixopa Ecommerce Store. Accordion fold brochure printing gives your promotional piece a fresh approach. Your customers can now use them for information, maps or a full page brochure/advertisement using the aesthetic design tools from Pixopa. Your customers can use text tools from the Design Xpress to design custom accordion brochures for events containing daily schedules, printing brochures for self-guided tours, hotel menu card to name a few.

Half Fold Brochures

Promote effective and convenient style of print brochures that are sure to impress in your Pixopa Web-to-Print Ecommerce. They are ubiquitous and because of their size they allow to add more information. Since they are easily available, they are cheap to be produced. Your customers can now design great-looking business brochures in Pixopa using the right fonts and text.

Tri Fold Brochures

Give your customers inexpensive and super-effective ways of marketing by offering personalized tri-fold brochures through your Pixopa E-Store. Your customers can now stand out from the rest of the crowd by choosing from a large design variations for brochures that you may offer. They can lead off with a killer headline to intrigue the mind and grab your clients’ attention. Guide them to use eye-catchy images and fonts to overwhelm your audience – all this made possible using Design Xpress from Pixopa.

Z-Fold Brochures

Sell personalized z-fold brochures through your Pixopa W2P Ecommerce as they give accurate product information and company details. Since its cheap, custom z-fold brochures are popular. Now your customers can design their own custom z-fold brochures using Design Xpress from Pixopa so that it will help them to pass on the message of their organization efficaciously.

How it Works?

Step 1 – Quick Data Import and Setup


Step 2 – Create Layout and Templates of Brochures using Pixopa’s Revolutionary Online Design Studio


Step 3 – Start Selling Custom Printed Brochures Online in your Pixopa Web-to-Print Powered Ecommerce Store


Live Demo

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