Tips to Sell Promotional Products Online

In today’s self-centric world, consumers seek personalization on virtually every item they purchase. From t-shirts to wristbands to door mats to coasters, hundreds of thousands of businesses globally are offering some level of personalization on the products they sell, taking the annual sales to billions of dollars. The demand is ever increasing with a sharp peak especially during holidays or special occasions.

So what do you think is the appeal? By adding their name, logo or personal quote/message to an item, the buyer ensures that a personal touch is added to make the end product unique. It is something that the Smiths living next door don’t have. Personalized items are also popular as gifts by demonstrating a thought to make it memorable.

The industry has evolved very much from the days of expensive personalized gifts which were less popular and technically not feasible a decade ago. Today, there are cutting edge systems like Pixopa Web-to-Print, which have online designing tools to revolutionize the art of personalization.

According to a recent survey, the most popular category of customization amongst companies is T-shirts (12%), apparels (12%), and photos, cards, puzzles, prints (11%). Not to be left far behind is food customization (8%) followed by apparel accessories (caps, scarves, bags, belts, gloves) at 4%

It is obvious that online marketing does play a vital role in selling these products. Let us see some of the best practises to promote personalized products online.

Where can I sell Personalized Products Online?

Similar to setting up an eStore, SMB (small & medium business) and SOHO (small office/home office) entrepreneurs are setting up small stores on sites like Zazzle or Cafepress. They use built-in design tools to create custom products like caps or mugs. Similar to Amazon or Ebay, buyers search for a category and find items to buy from independent sellers on the network.

Promote your USP

If you can personalize your product, market it aggressively as one of the USP. If you don’t highlight on it, you are going to blow out the opportunity on customers who are searching for customizable products. With Pixopa web-to-print system, you can certainly highlight your brand and allow easy customization.

Dropship your Products

With Pixopa, you can easily design any product and promote it through your online store. But its not necessary that you are going to print or manufacture it. When a seller purchases your product online, the product is printed from a certain fulfilment centre assigned by you and shipped to the customer. These fulfillment printing centers are essentially centralized and crowd-pullers. Pixopa web-to-print software helps you to dropship your products through multiple vendors.

Add a Design Studio to your existing Ecommerce site

If you have an existing Ecommerce platform and you just want to add a designing tool, you can easily integrate HTML5 Online Designer Studio from Pixopa into it. Independent store owners can now create a fully branded storefront to allow buyers to create their products.

In all these cases, the buyer can configure their products with their own text and images. With the easy-to-use Design Studio, complemented by a surging number of buyers and sellers, this co-creation space is set to become the next wave of Ecommerce. It’s growth is fueled by creative startups and micro-entrepreneurs who want to reach out to masses to meet ever-increasing demand on custom products.

Provide a Design Preview

Buying a product online is always a business of trust and faith. Until the shipment arrives, your customer is never assured that the product will really be the one that they desired. So allow your customers to preview the proof of their personalized item to help them boost their confidence. It thus means – more orders, fewer revisions and reduced return rate.

Pixopa provides you with a state-of-the-art preview feature that allows the customers to dynamically preview their personalized product before it is ordered.

Order Confirmation

Once the customer has made their selection, you should reinforce their selection by displaying the details within the shopping cart like Pixopa does. Include a prominent option to modify the item details in case something is entered incorrectly thus reducing customer’s qualms about their mistakes, increases number of successful orders and reduces return rate.

Specify Return Policy

The last thing you want is whole lot of personalized items stacked in your warehouse and is largely unsellable. Specify clear instructions to your customers about the application of return policies on personalized goods only if they are damaged or defective on arrival. With Pixopa Ecommerce store, you can specify your return policies for products with ease.

Specify Help and Support Instructions

Sometimes customers do get confused with their orders. So to ensure that personalization meets specification, you need to provide as much as detailed instructions as possible. And Pixopa Web-to-Print Ecommerce solution helps you to do just that.

An happy ending

With an ever-evolving and surging personalized product market with slick technologies that make the product designing and process easy and error-free, should you not offer different designing avenues to your customers? And Pixopa Ecommerce storefront helps you to just that. With online designer solution ready for tablet and mobile along with conventional computers, this will certainly help you multiply your Ecommerce business and help foster a lot of happy, satisfied and returning customers.