Magento is an open source e-commerce platform. The extension syncs the data between magento and pixopa web-to-print .It can be used as an online shop for selling personalized product and design using pixopa web-to-print. This extension syncs with magento’s e-commerce platform. The extension syncs with magentos e-commerce platform and allows you to sell custom product from your website.

Web-to-print is a service that provides print products via online storefronts. It’s also known as “remote publishing” or a “print e-commerce solution”. Both businesses and the general public can take advantage of these services. Most often, businesses use these online print services to achieve a wide range of marketing goals.

The service became popular in the late 90s as e-commerce became more common. The practice began with files being transferred from the customer to the printer via email. This gave printers the ability to pursue business clientele far beyond their local geographic area.

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