Magento Product Customization Software

Magento is an open-Source e-Commerce Platform developed using Php. It provides ecommerce Solution for B2C and B2B with a flexible shopping cart system. It provides extensions for powerful marketing, search engine optimization and catlog-management tools. It is a great platform. It allows customization that makes every online shop unique. You can create your web store in minutes.

Product customization or product personalization is a process of delivering customized goods and services to the customers as per their needs and desire. Customers can either approach a merchant to make certain customizations in a product themselves, exactly the way they want. It usually leads to more conversions for the ecommerce business providing this option to the customers.

Pixopa provides Magento web to print plugin. The frontend design tool is based on HTML5 which gives the users the flexibility to design their personalized print products on any device.

Pixopa offerings include:

1. SaaS based Hosted Web-to-Print Ecommerce Solutions

2. HTML5 Online Design Tool

3. Magento Web-to-Print Plugin

4. Woocommerce Web-to-Print Plugin

5. Word Press Web-to-Print Plugin

 pixopa customers will be able to personalize any product of their choice on their Magento store, and will also be able to preview those before ordering. Pixopa gives visitors easy to create custom Product in Magento Store. It provides Edit, Custom Text, Graphics, Plug-in, Clip-art and other tools.

Pixopa’s Online Designer Studio works for different products of any shape and size.For examples:

Business Card

Custom Label



Announcement Card


Custom T-shirt

iphone screen Print




Pixopa – one of the world’s leading players in Web-to-Print Ecommerce Software Solutions. So if you are looking for magento product customization software then choose pixopa.