Magento online personalization software:

Megento personalization the process of transforming your Magento store into a fully customized and responsive web application that can be used by any business. It provides a complete suite of features including: custom domain optimization. This allows you to complete your magento website with the of custom domain extensions. Advanced analytics. This allows you to analyze your site’s performance and improve the overall performance of your Magento store.

Magnto Online Personalization software provides service:

Analytic tools based p  ersonalization

Retail personalization

Content or commerce management system personalization

B2B website personalization as part of a marketing automation

Personalization code libraries and modules

The opportunities for applying personalization in kinds business include: personalizing your website, mobile apps, and other website with a verity of features that can be used by different businesses. Customizing your product or service to fit specific needs of different customers.

Magento Online personalization software features like:

Marketing, Promotions and Conversion Tools

Search Engine Optimization

Catalog Management

Site Management

Catalog Browsing

Product Browsing

Checkout, Payment and Shipping

Order Management

Customer Accounts

Customer Service

Analytics and Reporting

Mobile Commerce