The Designer’s Guide to Magento expands your knowledge of the structural workings of Magento and the methods of designing for Magento. It teaches how to create a theme of your own with Magento. Due to Magento’s extreme flexibility, it is not possible to document all the different ways in which it can be customized. For help with this, consult Magento’s community forums and wiki, where you can profit from the knowledge of people with real design experience. Also, remember that Magento is a constantly evolving application, therefore, this documentation may not faithfully reflect your version of Magento. However, the concepts introduced to you will still be very helpful.

Pixopa’s revolutionary HTML5 All-in-One Online Product Designer Studio is created keeping in mind the design artists as well as end-customers. Pixopa’s Online Design Tool has features that enable users to create stunning designs and user-friendliness for seamless user experience. It is truly the World’s Most Advanced Online Product Designer in the Industry.

Advance web to print online Magento html5 Design Tool Provide Feture:

User-friendly Angular + HTML5 online products designer tool

Multiple templates feature

Use free resources via sample data installation e.g. Cliparts

Design on different sides of product

User-friendly Magento product designer tool

Download ready designs for admin (SVG, PNG, PDF, ZIP)

Display designs preview

Save & use designs for user

Configure custom product designing price

Lock any layer for users from backend

Supports simple product type with custom options