Magento is an open-Source online Platfrom developled using Php.It provides eCommerce Solution for B2C and B2B with a flexible shopping cart system.It provides extensions for powerful marketing,search engine optimization and catlog-management tools.It is a great platform. It allows customiztion that makes every online shop unique.You can create your web store in minutes.

Megento plugin, or interceptor, is a class that modifies the behavior of public class functions by intercepting a function call and running code before, after, or around that function call. This allows you to substitute or extend the behavior of original, public methods for any class or interface.

Why should you use Inceptors or Plugins in Magento?

1. Minimum confliction among extensions that change the behavior of the same class or method

2. Avoid collisions between plugins by using sort order attribute of plugin

3. The plugin can be called sequentially according to sort order, so conflict with other 4.plugin class can be avoided.

5. No issue of rewriting the system6. Customize the same method in different modules

7. Ability to modify the return value of any method call that is used on an object manager 8.controlled object

9.Ability to modify the arguments of any method call that is used on an object manager 10.controlled object.

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