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“Personalized jewelry with a unique twist.” ( ) was launched in Oct 2013. Lumilia is a Hosted Pixopa Web-to-Print Ecommerce Storefront.

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Lumi Lia is artisan jewelry with a unique twist. Create truly one-of-a-kind gifts adorned with your own handwritten messages and artwork. Lumi Lia takes personalization to the next level.

Lumi Lia is an innovative new jewelry concept from beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Our pieces are inspired by the raw power of our natural surroundings and the elegance of simple, modern design.

Lumi Lia uses only the highest quality materials including Sterling Silver, premium 316L Stainless Steel, and precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Comfortable, accessible and affordable, Lumi Lia jewelry is designed to be enjoyed by each and every one. Using our exclusive laser etching technology, you become the poet, the designer and the artist, instantly personalizing each piece with text, images, and even handwriting to create a truly one-of-a kind masterpiece.

Credit – Site is designed by a Design Agency based in Colorado