Ways to promote your online web-to-print storefront

One of the biggest challenges for print providers is to keep online clients engaged in their business. Although Web to print is helping print houses to reduce their operational costs and offer innovative personalized products to their customers, the competition is pretty fierce.

Pixopa Team helps their clients to help and promote their online business with the following strategies:


We provide you with an online module dedicated to SEO. You can add appropriate keywords helping the search engine crawler to find your store-front. You can also set SEO friendly metatags for your online print store.


Generate sitemaps for your online printshop using Pixopa’s SEO module. This will help the search engines to read your pages and increase their rankings.

SEO content:

Use Pixopa’s user friendly content management system (CMS) and publish keyword rich content and use interesting images to gain more visibility.


Put up flash banners to promote special offers. You can put contents with keywords and backlinks to gain more visibility.


Speak your market’s language with Pixopa. We understand that it is important for your success and helps you to connect with your target audience.

Corporate module:

Offer personalized pages with authentication, products and themes. This helps you to brand yourself as a high end print provider for corporates.

Social Media Networks:

Publish tweets and posts on Twitter and Facebook and invite customers to follow these accounts.


Build links with websites that your customers surf so that your customers can benefit of their traffic. You can join discussion forums to redirect traffic to your online print store.

Pay Per Click:

Optimize your web store visibility with PPC. You can bid for keywords on Google and pay for every click to Google. Although expensive, PPC is a great tool for online marketing promotions.

Yellow Pages:

Register yourself in yellow pages and online printing databases so that you can easily be found out.

Trade associations:

Be a part of various printing associations in your region or country so that you can stay in tune with the happenings with your fellow mates as well as be an active part of the local printing fraternity.

Mass mailing:

Integrate with third party mass mailing softwares through Pixopa and carry out email marketing campaigns all from your print store.