Find the right web-to-print solution for the right target market

The current solutions in web-to-print bring a unique approach to enable your web business. It is important that you understand what kind of business you need to do online. All print houses never support all types of print products. You need to prioritize the products you want to support so that you can choose your vendors based on YOUR needs rather than allowing them to flex their muscles.

The key is to identify the right solution. Do you want to follow a B2B model or a B2C model or a B2B2C model? Promoting an online business does not require you to change your target market.

Most printers service customers whom they know. Whether its business to business, captured customers, customers on contract – you need to establish a relationship and continue to nurture it. Your staff knows them, your production team knows what they want and your accounting guy knows their payment pattern as your entire business is built around these customers.

There is a great misconception that “If I have a website, I will be able to able to generate a great amount of business”. The truth is that if you invest in PPC, it will increase the web traffic, but not necessarily online purchases.

Some printers buy a web solution and put a generic template thinking that they can be found amongst hundreds of millions of websites or they just want to compete on price alone.

When we google “business card” or “tshirts”, we have Zazzle being reflected on the first page through organic search. Its not a sudden occurrence; it is a well-executed and heavily funded online advertising and SEO program. The truth is Zazzle spends thousands of dollars every day to increase their web traffic.

As a local player, your strategy should not be to compete against Zazzle. Instead you need to focus on your existing customers. This is because, as a local player, the web is not about facilitating one-time consumer transactions but providing continuous service to your existing customers by providing them with different methods of purchasing.

You always need to remember that large printers are constantly going to poach your territory and approach your customers. So, you constantly need to maintain an edge over them. You need to understand that your customers want convenience. More complexities cost you labor in dollars and it is time consuming for your customers as well.

If you want to be online to attract new customers, find the niche with Pixopa Enterprise Web-to-Print Platform. It helps you to understand what you should do right for your existing customers as well as help you to increase your customer base thus generating more business.