What makes Pixopa arguably the Best Web-to-Print Ecommerce Solution in the Industry

There may be debates for the exact definition of ‘Best Web-to-Print Ecommerce’ solution, as there are no set standards defined. We have analyzed Web-to-Print Ecommerce offerings of our competitors and reached to a conclusion that Pixopa does have unparalleled features and pricing that makes it arguably the best in the industry. The emphasis is laid upon Ecommerce capabilities of the system along with ability to design online with a compelling user experience. It’s up to you to decide whether your definition of Best Web-to-Print solution matches that of ours.

And, as always, we welcome your suggestions and comments on:

– Whether this is a comprehensive list covering all features of a good Web-to-Print solution?

– Whether they are necessary and sufficient features for you to select your ‘Best Web-to-Print’ solution?

– Whether on all those features, you find Pixopa Web-to-Print as best Web-to-Print solution?

– What more you would like to be added in Pixopa to retain its (self-reclaimed) title of best Web-to-Print solution?

Let’s review features of Pixopa below that make it arguably the best. You can see all the features live on our demo site by clicking here – Pixopa Demo Site

1. Tablet and Mobile Ready Design Studio

Can anyone claim to be best and well-rounded if their system doesn’t work on iPhones, iPads, and many of Android phones and tablets?

Pixopa is Tablet and Mobile Ready! Pixopa Web-to-Print Design Studio is one of the few Web-to-Print Studios which can be used on Tablets and iPhones. Many other Web-to-Print solutions have Adobe Flash-based Design Studios, which don’t work on iPads and iPhones and most of the Android tablets. Pixopa makes your online business reach to even wider online audience making it a real any-time, anywhere web-to-print solution.

2. Quick Data Setup, Import and Migration

The best Web-to-Print Ecommerce Store should be setup in no time. Time is of critical essence for business and Pixopa’s advanced import module gets your online store open for business in 1-2 business days. Very few of our competitors can do that for you.

3. Exquisite Ecommerce Design Themes that are a class apart

Having worked for 6 years with Alexander Interactive, a top Interactive Agency based in NYC, we have learnt how vital a great design is for higher conversions.

A gorgeous Ecommerce design –

– Indicates the company is serious about their Ecommerce presence

– Improves user experience which in turn fosters trust and loyalty from customers and higher conversions

– Builds a lasting first impression. There are tons of websites out there and the attention span is so short that it is vital to captivate a visitor with a great first impression. Looks do matter at first, then comes the functionality.

At Pixopa, we offer ready-to-use Ecommerce Themes with superlative designs that stand out than any other Web-to-Print providers.

4. Fast Performance

According to a survey, 47% customers expect the web pages to load in less than 2 seconds. 52% of online shoppers state that quick page loading is important to their site loyalty. (Reference – http://blog.kissmetrics.com/loading-time)

Fast searches, fast loading pages, and fastest design studio! We’re sure you’ll like the speed of Pixopa Web-to-Print. A lot of efforts have been given to make sure that your customers ordering on Pixopa have a good time shopping. While other Web-to-Print solutions keep on saying ‘Loading Page’, or rotate the spinners, Pixopa page is already loaded and waiting for customer’s next action.

5. Extensive Layered Navigation

Customers want to find that right product, they are looking for, in a flash, or they won’t buy at all! Pixopa’s extensive layered navigation helps them reach their perfect choice with widely spread refinement options.

Every time customers search for some term or click on a menu item, left layered navigation bar appears, allowing customer to narrow down the designs search based on Product, Price, Color, Size, Event & Occasion, Recipient, and Industry. Not only that, some categories even allow customers to narrow down upto 4 levels deep.

6. Promotions and Coupons

The good Web-to-Print system should give you the ability to add special promotions for specific customers, time, products, or order quantities – and Pixopa does that well. With Pixopa, create different types of discounts – percentage of price, fixed amount, buy x get y free. Pixopa’s Promotions and Coupon Codes are easy to create for you and easier to use for customers.

7. Pricing Options

The best Web-to-Print solution must help you give bigger (and/or more valuable) customers a better pricing and strengthen the relationship! Pixopa Web-to-Print has various pricing options for you. Group price, special price, tiered price – different prices for different customers and quantities, easy to set up and manage from admin.

8. Dynamic Price Calculations

Less for less, more for more – this is basic requirement to reach the best Web-to-Print position! Dynamic price calculation in frontend, as per the combination selected by customer, of Size, Paper Type, Number of Pages, Finishing, Material, and other parameters as you like. Pixopa Web-to-Print also enables you to add price for attributes on a fixed basis or based on percentage of price.

9. Advanced Template Management and Deployment

All your customers don’t want to design it all by themselves – who has the time in today’s world. The best Web-to-Print solution is the one which makes it easy for businesses to create a lot of templates easily for customers to choose from.

To help you accomplish this task, Pixopa Web-to-Print has an advanced Template Builder module. You can design templates with state-of-the-art design studio, associate them to particular products, and different categories, like Events and Occasions, Recipient, and Industry, and make easy settings, and you are done – the design templates are there!

10. Multiple – Storefronts / Localization / Currency

With one Pixopa installation, you can have multiple store fronts, each selling different items. You can sell in multiple countries, communicate in multiple languages, and transact in multiple currencies.

11. My Account – Track Orders / Save Designs / Reorder / Wishlist

The best Web-to-Print solution should help you to strengthen relation with customers by allowing them to register on your Web-to-Print store. Pixopa has just the right features, wherein:

– Customers can have their own account, where they can track their orders.

– They can save their in-progress designs, complete those designs and add them to cart.

– All the images they upload are saved in My Images folder.

– They can download images from their Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, and Instagram accounts.

– They can check their previous orders, and reorder any product any number of times.

12. Advanced Reports

The best Web-to-Print must have strong reports that give you information on where you are, what you’ve achieved and what changes in strategy need to be made.

Pixopa Web-to-Print provides you with detailed reports related to Sales (orders, tax, invoice, shipping, refunds, and coupons) Shopping Cart, Products (bestsellers, most viewed, most ordered, low stock), Customers, Tags & Reviews, and more.

13. Search Autocomplete / Search Suggestions / Most Popular Searches

The best Web-to-Print should give your customers the power of very fast search! In Pixopa, as soon as customer starts typing in Search, autocomplete will show suggestions from actual names available in store. This helps to avoid spelling mistakes, and dig out the best results. If there is no matching result after search, Pixopa will again show suggestions of terms similar to the one given by customer.

14. Dropship Fulfillment

Now, how many of our competitors enable you to do that – accept orders even for items you don’t print, and fulfill them as well!

Pixopa Web-to-Print has this fabulous feature of dropship that allows you to take order from customers, pass that order to an associate printer, who will print and deliver it directly to the customer, giving you a good margin in between. This gives you an ability to increase your product portfolio that is many times larger than what you actually print. This has many advantages:

– No need to spend on a large inventory

– Saves a considerable amount of shipping cost as it is shipped directly to customer, rather than coming to you first

– You can utilize the expertise of your associated printers and build your brand name

– You enter into those products in future, and you already have a brand name before you enter

– You can also generate more orders for the products that your associated printer doesn’t print, and increase your business

15. Analytics

The best Web-to-Print must give you the power of Analytics and help you know all what, when, who, and where of your store! Pixopa Web-to-Print has Google Analytics integrated to it to help you know answer to many questions like, how many customers accessed your sites, at what time, how many of them bought, if didn’t buy, at what stage they left, what content on your site is popular, whether your new promotion increased traffic to your store, and many more.

16. Quickbooks Integration

How many of our competitor friends can guarantee you an error-free and smart book-keeping? Pixopa Web-to-Print comes with Quickbooks Integration, one of the highest selling small business financial software. The information that comes out of your Ecommerce store is synced to Quickbooks to provide you with the latest financial information as and when required.

17. Images Integration with Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and Picasa

No one can claim to be best if they don’t provide your customer a flexibility to download images from any of his folder – whether online or his PC!

With Pixopa, they just need to enter the email id (and passwords, sometimes) of their Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, and Instagram account and can access their images, right there in Pixopa Design Studio.

18. SEO

The best Web-to-Print solution should help you to be at the top of search results! Pixopa Web-to-Print gives you an ability to add keywords, metatags, and set how search engines crawl over them. This enables you to add content on the Web-to-Print store that will bring you right up there in search results, where it matters the most.

19. CMS

It is your store and it should be the way you want (!) and the best Web-to-Print solution should empower you to do that. You shouldn’t need to run back to vendor every time you want to change content on your Web-to-Print store. With Pixopa Web-to-Print, you can just use the CMS functions, and change the content of pages, create a new poll, or add a new widget and keep your store new every day, without even contacting us.

20. Shipping Labels, Shipment Scheduling and Shipment Tracking

As more orders come in, it becomes tedious to print shipping labels using other systems like Worldship etc. Manual entry needs to be done and this affects productivity. Pixopa has a Shipping Module that integrates with UPS, Fedex, DHL and USPS to generate Shipping Labels, schedule shipment and fetch Shipment Tracking Numbers for each order.

21. Affordability

With prices starting from $99 per month and no setup or installation fee, Pixopa caters is affordable to micro printing businesses and powerhouses with wide array of plans to fit their business needs.

22. Other

Pixopa also has those necessary features that almost all of our competitor friends have –

– Payment Methods like, Credit Card, Paypal, Google Checkout, etc.

– Newsletter to help you connect to your customers

– Social Networking – Customers can follow/like/pin you on Twitter, Facebook (Like and Login), Pinterest, Google+

– Request for Quote

– Reviews and Ratings

Overall, we have designed and developed Pixopa to be the best Web-to-Print solution. It is being improved and enhanced regularly and will contain even more features (like VDP, Fotolia Integration) in next versions. Keep us informed what features would you like and we will try to add them, thus consolidating Pixopa’s spot as the Best Web-to-Print solution. You can see all the features live on our demo site by clicking here – Pixopa Demo Site