Advantages of Web-to-Print Ecommerce

What is Web-to-print?

An ubiquitous term “Web-to-print” has been around for several years. But its gaining popularity in today’s challenging environment of cutting costs and improving efficiencies. If you google the term, 10 different web sites may give you 10 different answers. In essence, Pixopa Web-to-Print is a browser based print personalization solution to facilitate Ecommerce collaboration, and assist in customer service interaction between the buyer and the seller.

So what is the need for such a pre-press workflow application?

If you are working for an ad-agency or service industry, you need to find different ways to offer services to your clients. Your creative expertise is at task while keeping the costs in check. If you are a marketing guy, one of your tasks could be to exploit every tool at your disposal to penetrate through hundreds of messages that bombard your target customer’s inbox everyday to get heard. You have to ensure that each dollar spent on marketing should help in generating sales, ensure corporate design uniformity across multiple channels and multiple markets, provide faster means to procure marketing and sales information; all this while keeping the production costs in check.

Some of the challenges that marketing departments face is the channel based approaches that use traditional marketing tools. Since they cannot be automated, they are time consuming, difficult and turn to be more expensive in the long run. There are also brand-compliance policies that create bottlenecks thus slowing down the entire process.

These traditional processes require large print runs thus leading to obsolete inventory, mismanagement and thus overstocking in the warehouse.

The solution:

All these are practical problems and they can undermine your business. To resolve them, you can opt for a web-to-print system, like Pixopa, which can offer the following advantages:

1. Access an online catalog where changes to a pre-press template can be made on-the-fly

2. Clients can approve their orders without the need of a one-on-one discussion with the printer

3. Control your brand design consistency and content

4. Shipping, purchasing and billing integration where you also have dropship advantage

5. Reduce inventory and administrative costs

6. Minimize proof review cycles thus increasing the production time

7. Enable quick production of small as well as large sets of company-compliant, personalized and customized marketing materials

8. Ability to order and design from Tablet and Mobiles Devices

For the service industry and advertisement agencies, you can:

1. Provide a single HTML5 online designer studio to create intuitive, effective materials for multiple channels and being brand compliant

2. Automate, personalize and deliver high profile content using an Online Ecommerce Storefront

Benefits of Web-to-Print Solution for print broker or print service provider:

1. An affordable end-to-end fulfillment solution with Ecommerce order booking

2. A quoting system for the print industry

3. Upload and customize print products in online design studio where it allows to design

4. Drag and Drop images from social sites like Instagram, Facebook, Picasa and Flickr

5. Personalize and order all printing products

6. You can have multiple websites for all your printing services

To summarize, the ultimate web-to-print online web shop software contains the shopping cart solution, uses web to print technology along with PrintShop Management System thus avoiding costs and labor for extensive order handling. This is of paramount importance since long print runs are dropping and most print providers process a large number of low dollar value orders to maintain or multiply their revenues. Since you can print to pdf, you don’t require a prepress staff to be involved. Orders can be directly routed to the digital press Raster Image Processing (RIP) device into the production queue. With integration provided for USPS, DHL, Fedex, UPS, shipping fees can be calculated real-time across regions thus minimizing the overall turnaround time.

Additionally you are provided with a centralized administration where your orders can be tracked at any time and various reports and statistics regarding jobs, shipping and inventory can be printed or exported as a soft copy. If you are a small or medium sized print house, Pixopa can help you expand your market reach beyond your local footprint. Since Pixopa web to print solution is meant for printers and available for commercial printers as well, it is online and available for you and your customers 24/7. Orders can thus be processed at any hour from any remote location. You can leverage and sell other products and services such as offset printing, promotional items as Pixopa is a complete Web-To-Print Application and Web2Print store front Solution with Print Shop Management Software for printing business.

With an Ecommerce shopping cart, payments for orders can be charged directly to a customer’s credit card thus contributing to a positive cash flow. You can seamlessly integrate with Quickbooks for seamless accounting as well.

All these advantages of a web-to-print storefront solution like Pixopa thus translates into customer retention thus adding more print volumes to your press and helps you to overcome your core business challenges and effectively reach your goals.

You can let us know about your solution and requirements and we most likely will have a solution for you. The experience allows us to give you some ideas for a W2P site which you probably haven’t considered. To know more about us, contact us by clicking here