Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization or Marketing (SMM) is not just about a random Facebook sponsorship or posting videos on Youtube. Social Media Marketing is all about socializing. It is about creating a perpetual and genuine presence on the world-wide-web that encapsulates your content and brand into the places where consumers are engaging and sharing.

At Pixopa, we understand that all these social media analytics are tightly coupled with smart, relevant and engaging digital assets deployed over core social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and Instagram. So in order to make your SMM campaigns meaningful, our strategy is to engage you with the right audience. Our team analyzes our target audience spectrum, what they talk about and what sites do they engage.

We then create endless streams of content that your audience shall care about, tap their interests and connect them in ways that makes it a perpetual association. When this process is rightly set, the ROI automatically starts showing. Using exclusive methodologies, we enable companies to track, monitor and fathom the ROI.

We know that in an age of transparency, your digital rapport is a key towards your success. Therefore, our approach is engagement-driven, listening to the feedback of your audience and answering their complaints, inquiries and comments in a timely manner.



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