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Business Cards Online
Business Cards are one of the most basic products that any Web-to-Print provider would like to offer. Whether it is a standard business card, a die-cut one or an embossed one, our HTML5 Design Tool provides fast and hassle-free ways to design your business cards within minutes.

Two Ways to Sell Custom Business Cards

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Empower your Online Ecommerce Storefront with our revolutionary Web-to-Print platform for selling business cards. Pixopa Go provides you with a mobile-friendly Magento-powered Ecommerce Website along with our state-of-the-art HTML5 Design Tool which will be integrated with it. With a feature-rich interface and an intuitive, easy-to-use CMS, designing and ordering business cards with our web-to-print solution will be breeze for your customers.

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  • Advanced yet easy-to-use back office CMS that gives you complete control and flexibility
  • Automated workflow, Integration of marketing tools, Integration with top shipping vendors, Payment gateways, Reports and Analytics and many more
  • SaaS based turnkey solution with pricing tiers to suit every budget
  • Configure and launch your own webstore within minutes
  • Use our Ready Template Designs or design your own templates with ease.
  • Design unlimited products of your choice
On your Existing Website with Pixopa Design Tool Plugin

Allow your customers to design any type of products within minutes. Pixopa’s Online HTML5 Design Tool can be easily plugged in with many popular Ecommerce platforms. Our HTML5 Online Tool makes the designing process super-fast and enables your customers to create stunning and professional designs with ease.

HTML5 Design Tool
  • Easily integrate with most of the popular Ecommerce platforms using our Online documentation
  • Fully-responsive SaaS based HTML5 Design Tool which helps you control all the aspects from product pricing, product sizes to managing templates
  • Empower your Ecommerce website with Web-to-Print capabilities to sell hundreds of print products with ease
  • Allow your customers to upload their logo, use our exhaustive range of complementary fonts or access our online library for product templates to create aesthetic designs

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Pixopa Go makes it easy to build and manage your online store

Sell Business Cards online with Pixopa Go Storefront

How it Works?

Sign Up Form
Step 1 – Sign Up Process - Create Your Store Form

You need to just fill up this simple form. All the fields are mandatory. This information shall be used for your account as our super-powerful Store Creation Wizard will create your Online Web-to-Print Storefront for you within minutes.
Step 2 – Backend Configuration

Once you are logged in, you can set up your Webstore through our intuitive Pixopa Go CMS to manage your online business. You can review all the activities of your online store like the number of users, update your products and pricing, view the statistics and metrics, track your orders and many more.
Backend Configuration
Backend DOL
Step 3 – Backend DOL

You can use our Backend Online Design Tool (DOL) to design all your product templates with ease. This advanced Design Tool has all the necessary facets that allow you to control and enhance every aspect of the products that you plan to sell. Be it a simple business card or a complex jigsaw puzzle, a wine label, t-shirt or any other product, you can design the templates of any product and associate it with the respective product category.
Step 4 – DOL Settings

Our comprehensive and powerful Admin panel enables you to configure all the elements of your online store with ease. You have the flexibility to choose the theme for your website, configure product pricing, size, enable discounts and promotions, upload custom artwork, manage SEO, manage your customers and perform all other important tasks that you will require to promote your Web Store in the online world.
DOL Settings
Store Ready
Step 5 – Store Ready

Once you have reviewed and analyzed all the settings, you are ready to launch your Online Web-to-Print Store. Your store now looks great with all the products all loaded and neatly configured and you have set up all your social accounts. Just hit the ‘Submit’ button and your Pixopa-powered Web-to-Print Storefront is launched. In case you still missed on any aspect, you can always go back to the Configuration settings and make the necessary changes.

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Get Pixopa Go Free Trial for 7 Days. No Credit Card Required.

Pixopa Go makes it easy to build and manage your online store

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