Magento Wordpress/WooCommerce BigCommerce Shopify
Brief Introduction Magento is a feature-rich, flexible and robust Open-source Ecommerce platform that was launched in 2008. Currently there are 260,000+ websited based on Magento & it has the highest market share of close to 29% in the Ecommerce world Wordpress/WooCommerce is an Open-source platform which was originally for blogging and has evolved into an Ecommerce platform. It is the second-most widely used Ecommerce platform in the world commanding a market share of about 26%. BigCommerce was launched in 2009 & is privately held by BigCommerce Inc. It is a SaaS based platform. It controls close to 1% market share. Shopify is a SaaS based Ecommerce platform. It controls a market share of about 11% & is one of the most rapidly growing Ecommerce platforms.
  • 1) Flexible to meet your Ecommerce needs
  • 2) Enterprise features to meet your ever-growing business needs
  • 3) Thousands of Magento extensions available
  • 4) Best Ecommerce platform for SEO
  • 1) Easy to use
  • 2) Lots of Wordpress developers available
  • 3) Low cost
  • 4) Built-in blogging system
  • 1) High amount of information available on the internet about the usage of BigCommerce
  • 2) Fast Page loading time
  • 3) Very minimal downtime
  • 4) Many features are already built-in reducing dependency on third-party plugins
  • 1) Fast and Easy to use interface
  • 2) Secure platform with thousands of add-ons
  • 3) Plenty of free themes for your website
  • 4) Reliable customer service from Shopify
  • 1) A tad complex to learn if you are a newbie
  • 2) Although there are many companies claiming to do Magento development, it requires high programming skills
  • 3) Slow: It will be sluggish if the right server architecture is not used.
  • 1) Prone to be hacked
  • 2) Regular updation of Wordpress software
  • 3) Not ideal for custom coding
  • 1) Transaction fees on top of monthly pricing that you need to pay to BigCommerce
  • 2) Difficult platform if you plan to migrate your website from BigCommerce
  • 3) Not suited if you have a large product inventory
  • 1) High transaction fees & many apps available are paid ones
  • 2) Difficult platform if you plan migrate your website from Shopify
  • 3) Built-in marketing tools are very basic
Ideal for SMB's and Large enterprises if you have a growing Ecommerce business & have a a good development partner to help you with your website needs SMB's and startups who are planning to launch their website on low budget. Suited as an all-in-one store platform if you want all the functionality in it without any 3rd party depenedency & you don't have programming knowledge If you are looking for an all-in-one store platform with more flexibility and apps & don't mind some complexity, Shopify is the platform for you.