With Magento being one of the world’s fastest growing Ecommerce platform, there is always a scope of improving on extensions that you need for your Magento websites to cater different business requirements.

Magento Extension

We have a really simple process for installing the Magento extension:

  • Requirements Gathering
    In this phase, we would need a detailed documentation on your requirements. This is very helpful in understanding what your needs exactly are.

  • Review and Strategy
    We will review your requirements and have a conversation with you. A strategy shall be built to ensure that both parties are on the same page.

  • Negotiations and Proposal Sign-off
    We will now discuss on the financials and send you the proposal for signing.

  • Development & Implementation
    Your development process kick-starts based on the discussions.

  • Testing
    It is now time for quality control where the extension would be reviewed and thoroughly tested so that it works perfectly with your website.

  • Installation
    We shall now install Magento Plugin/extension on your website and run a final test before going live.

  • Support and bug fixing
    We are always available to fix all bugs or provide you with any kind of upgrade available from time to time.

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As a professional development company having a vast expertise in Magento, we at Pixopa provide you with any 3rd party Magento extension customization or development of an extension from scratch. We can perform any Magento source-code modification to improvise your online business process.

Our team is well-versed with Magento’s Zend PHP framework as we have been working on it since its inception in 2008. Our agile methodologies help us in developing powerful, cutting-edge extensions that are next-gen and compatible for version upgrades. From accounting packages integration, ERP, drop-ship and freight handling to workflow management, we can manage it all.

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