How do I Add/Edit/Delete Layouts in Pixopa?

A layout is a tool through which we can give a specific area for the design on a product. For example, on a mug, the printable area is limited. So we will create a layout for mug on which the user can justify where he/she can create design and where not.

Layouts details can be accessed by selecting Manage Product Layouts option in Web to Print Menu.

To Add Layout

Go to Manage Product Layouts:

  • Clicking on this option will open the Manage Product Layout page. This page will display layouts information under following headings:

    • Product Layout Image

    • Product Layout Name

    • Product

    • Status

    • Action

  • You can add new Layout using ‘Add New Product Layout’ button given at the Top Right of this page.

  • Clicking on ‘Add New Product Layout’ button will open the new page.

To Add New Product Layout

This page has 2 sections:

  • Left Panel: This smaller area contains various sections of Product Layout details to be added, like – General Information and Product Association

  • Centre Panel: This area has fields to enter details for Product Layout

  • General Information Tab: Enter following details for the template in this area:

    • Product Layout Name: Add the name of Layout here

    • Product Layout Description: Add description of Layout here.

    • Status: Use dropdown to change the status to Enabled/Disabled.

    • Image: Image of layout will be shown here, once the layout is created.

    • Created Date: You cannot edit this field. Here you can see the date on which this Layout was created.

    • Last Updated Date: You cannot edit this field. This field shows the date on which this Layout was last modified.

  • Product Association Tab: In this tab, you can associate the Layout to a product, and its variants, create a design and duplicate it to other variants with some modifications.

    • Product: Select the name of product for which this Layout is being designed. Once you’ve selected a product, click on Add Design button. This will open another box below, having following fields.

    • Size: Select the size for which you want to create this design.

Selecting size opens all other attributes of the product like

  • No of pages: Number of pages in Layouts

  • Orientation: Location of perforation (Dropdown)

  • Paper Type: Location of perforation (Dropdown)

  • Other Attributes, ETC.

By default, all the values of these attributes are pre-selected. You may select / de-select multiple values by keeping shift key pressed and clicking on the values

Let’s Design Once you are done with selecting other attributes, click on Let’s Design button to create a design. This will open the design studio.

To Add Image

  • You can select Add Image tool from the left-side Standard Tool Box to add image(s) to your Layout design.

  • Clicking on this tool will show a dialogue box ‘Please browse the image for upload’. Click on Choose File button, select file from your system, and click on Upload button. This will upload image on canvas.

  • Now upload images for Layout Background.

  • Assign field Layout background from “Advanced” option from the toolbox.

  • Now upload images for Layout Foreground.

  • Now upload image for Foreground, now assign field Layout Foreground from “Advanced” option from the toolbox.

  • Now click on ‘Save Design’ to save the Layout. This will bring you back to Product Association tab.

Design preview will be shown on this page. Other functions that can be performed on this page are:

  • Download PDF: You can download a PDF version of your design by clicking on this button.

  • Delete Design: This button will remove this complete box, and all the actions performed under it, namely, size association, attribute values association, and the design. This complete box will be removed.

  • Add Design: This button can be used to duplicate this design for other sizes and/or variants. Clicking on this button will open another box. You can once again add sizes and other attributes and click on Let’s Design button.

To Edit Layout

To edit a Layout, click on Edit link in template’s row, under Action column (alternatively, you may click anywhere in Layout’s row). This will open Edit Product Layout Page. Edit any field (General Information and Product Association) as required. You may also change the design, by clicking on ‘Let’s Design’ button under any design on Product Association tab.

You can see five buttons at the top right of the page:

  • Back: Clicking on this button will take you back to the Product Layout Page. All the unsaved changes will be

  • Reset: Clicking this button will reset the Layout to last saved version. You will remain on the same page and all the unsaved changes will be lost.

  • Delete Layout: Clicking on this button will delete the Layout from the system.

  • Save Layout: This button saves the changes made to Layout details, and takes you to Product Layout Page.

  • Save and Continue Edit: Clicking on this button saves the changes and you remain on the same page.

To Delete Product Layout

There are two methods of deleting a Product Layout:

  • Method I

    • In Product Layout Page, click on checkbox in first column of the Layout’s row.

    • Open the Actions Dropdown in the Heading of this table (the row even above column headings).

    • Select the Delete option.

    • Click on Submit. A message asking ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ will be displayed. Click on OK and the Product Layout will be deleted.

  • Method II

    • In Product Layout Page, click on the Layout’s row. This will open edit Product Layout

Click on the ‘Delete Product Layout’ button on the top right corner of page. A message asking ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ will be displayed. Click on OK and the Layout will be deleted.

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