How do I Add/Edit/Delete Clipart in Pixopa?

  • Simple pictures and symbols made available for computer users to add to their documents. Here we can upload our own clip art files in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format. For this if we have a SVG file we can directly upload it, but if we have an .ai file we have to convert it to SVG format to upload it to the system.

  • To convert an .ai file to SVG file follow the following steps:

    • Open the .ai file

    • Select save as…

    • And fill the entities as shown in the figure below;

Clipart details can be accessed by selecting Manage Clipart option in Web to Print Menu.

To Add Clipart

Go to Manage Clipart

  • Clicking on this option will open the Manage Clipart page. This page will display ClipArt’s information under following headings:

    • ID

    • Clipart Image

    • Clipart Name

    • Clipart Type

    • Clipart Category

    • Sequences Number

    • Status

    • Action

  • You can add new Layout using ‘Add New Clipart’ button given at the Top Right of this page.

  • Clicking on ‘Add New Clipart’ button will open the new page.

Add New Clipart

This page has Clipart Fields which has following sections:

  • Clipart Name: Enter clipart Name in the text field area.

  • Clipart Image: Browse and upload clipart image.

  • Image Type: Select image type (Raster Image or SVG) from dropdown.

  • Clipart Type: Select the clipart type (Common or social) from dropdown.

  • Category: Enter the category of the clipart in the text field area.

  • Description: Enter the description of the clipart in the text field area.

  • Sequence Number: Enter sequence number in the field.

  • Status: Change the status of clipart (Enabled/Disabled) Dropdown.

To Edit Clipart

To edit a Clipart, click on Edit link in Clipart ‘show, under Action column (alternatively, you may click anywhere in Clipart row). This will open Edit Clipart Page. Edit any field (General Information and Product Association) as required. You may also change the design, by clicking on ‘Let’s Design’ button under any design on Product Association tab.

You can see five buttons at the top right of the page:

  • Back: Clicking on this button will take you back to the Clipart Page. All the unsaved changes will be lost.

  • Reset: Clicking this button will reset the Layout to last saved version. You will remain on the same page and all the unsaved changes will be lost.

  • Delete Clipart: Clicking on this button will delete the Clipart from the system.

  • Save Clipart: This button saves the changes made to Clipart details, and takes you to Clipart Page.

  • Save and Continue Edit: Clicking on this button saves the changes and you remain on the same page.

To Delete Clipart

There are two methods of deleting a Clipart:

  • Method I

    • In Clipart Page, click on checkbox in first column of the Clipart row.

    • Open the Actions Dropdown in the Heading of this table (the row even above column headings).

    • Select the Delete option.

    • Click on Submit. A message asking ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ will be displayed. Click on OK and the Clipart will be deleted.

  • Method II

    • In Clipart Page, click on the Clipart row. This will open edit Clipart Page.

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