How can I change Logo shown on my Pixopa store frontend?

To change logo for your web-to-print store, follow these steps:

  • Upload image to admin:

    • Login to your Pixopa Admin

    • Click on CMS Menu > Pages

    • Click on Add New Page

    • Click on Content

    • Look for Insert/Edit Image Icon in Toolbar at the top of WYSIWYG editor. Select this icon to open Insert/Edit Image pop-up, with 3 tabs.

    • In General Tab, in Image URL field, click on Browse button . This will open Media Storage popup in main window.

    • Click Browse Files, select the image from your PC, and click Open. Image name will appear in row below.

    • Click on Upload Files button to upload file to Admin

    • Click on the image and then Click on Inset File button at top right of pop-up. This will close this pop-up, now you need to click on Insert / Edit Image popup again, where this image path will appear in Image URL field.

    • Click on Insert button at the bottom of this popup.

    • When you hide editor by clicking on ‘Show/Hide Editor’ button, the image path will be shown in img tag

    • Copy this image path and note down somewhere. The path of the image becomes – wysiwyg /imagefilename.png (OR wysiwyg /foldername/imagefilename.png, in case you’ve saved it under any folder)

    • In General Information tab, add any Page Title, URL Key, and page title.

    • Click on Save Page button

    • This will upload image on server.

  • Make this logo appear in frontend:

    • Login to your Pixopa Admin

    • Click on System Menu

    • Click Configuration option

    • In configuration, go to General > Design tab

    • Click on Header tab to expand it

    • Put the copied path in Logo Image Src field in the following manner – ../../../../media/wysiwyg/imagefilename.jpg (OR wysiwyg /foldername/imagefilename.jpg, in case you’ve saved it under any folder)

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