How can I add SEO data in my Pixopa store?

  • In CMS pages: Open CMS menu, click on Pages option to open list of CMS pages. Select the page you want to edit or create a new page. Open Meta Data tab to enter Keywords, Description, and instructions for search engines regarding Index and Follow.

  • For Products: Open Catalog menu and select Manage Products option. Open a product to edit it or Create a New Product. Open Meta Information tab. This tab has Meta Title, Meta Keywords, and Meta Description fields to enter these details for every product.

  • For Categories: Open Catalog menu and select Manage Categories option. Click on any category. In General Information tab, there are fields Meta Keywords and Meta Description to enter SEO related information.

  • For Product Templates: Open Template Builder menu and select Manage Templates option. Open a template to edit it or Create a New Template. Open SEO tab, which has fields to enter Keywords and Template Description.

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