Manage Unlimited Templates with Absolute Ease

Creating and managing templates is a big task in any (other) web-to-print store, but not in Pixopa Web-to-Print. To help you accomplish this big task very easily, Pixopa Web-to-Print has an advanced template builder module. You can design template with state-of-the-art design studio, associate them to particular products, and different categories, like events, recipients, and topics, make some easy settings, and you are done! It is that easy with Pixopa Web-to-Print Template Builder. Let’s have a look into advanced template management of Pixopa Web-to-Print:

1. Add as Many Templates You Want

Template Builder on Pixopa Web-to-Print allows you to add as many templates as you want. Just log in to Pixopa Web-to-Print Admin (backend), open Template Builder, and start creating alluring templates, that your customers can’t resist ordering. There is no limit to how many templates you may add, keep on adding as per your requirement.

Template Manager Landing Page

2. Enable and Disable Them

Enable templates when you want to show them to customers and disable them when you want to hide them. Pixopa Web-to-Print Template Builder allows you to control the templates with a single click.

3. Associate to Categories and Color

Your customer has either a purpose, or event, or a recipient in mind when he visits your Web-to-Print store. With Pixopa Web-to-Print Template Builder, you can associate templates to categories, like – – Events, which may be Anniversaries, Birthdays, Holidays, Graduations, Wedding, Retirement, etc – Recipients, which may be Father, Mother, Son, Daughter, Friend, Teacher, Customer, Employee, Boss, etc – Topics, which may be, Animals, Business, Children, Fashion, Government, Hobbies, Humor, Motivational, Religion, and many more – Colors, which may be, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Black, White, and as many as you want. This helps customer to find the right templates in a flash using menus and/or faceted navigations in Pixopa Web-to-Print Store. Faster the customer finds the right template, more sales it results for you.

Template Category Association Section

4. Associate to Stores

In Pixopa Web-to-Print Template Builder, you can associate templates to selected stores and manage where they are shown and where they are not. This is particularly useful for your corporate customers, who may want their dedicated fronted for Web-to-Print, with templates only designed for them, containing their logos. This feature lets you show the templates in their web-to-print storefront, and hide it for others. Now, give your corporate customers a cleaner frontend and an exclusive right to their templates, resulting in more orders.

5. Duplicate Designs for Different Sizes of Same Template

You don’t need to create templates from scratch for each size in Pixopa Web-to-Print Template Builder. Create templates for one size, and duplicate it for other sizes, make little adjustments as per new size, and click save – your template is ready in new size!

Design Duplication for Different Sizes of Same Template

6. Create for specific combination of attributes, or same for all

Apart from size, there are other attributes like, shape, folding, hole location, hole size, perforation, etc, which may require design to change. For example a design created for rectangle shape may get cut in ellipse shape for same size.

An Elliptical Card 3.5 inch X 2 inch. See that design gets cut from top. Hence same size needs adjusted design for different shape


A Rectangular Card 3.5 inch X 2 inch

Pixopa Web-to-Print Template Builder allows you to create separate designs for different attributes which need a different design. What is better is that it allows you to duplicate same design for all attributes as well. Whenever you click on Let’s Design button, the first design created for this size loads in the design studio, making it very easy to make changes.

Template Attributes Selection

7. State of the art HTML5-based Online Designer Studio

Creating design in Pixopa Web-to-Print Template Builder is fun, and this is because of our state-of-the-art Online Designer Studio. It allows you to add text and images, resize and rotate them, flip and group them, change fill color and stroke color, change their transparency and blur value, arrange and align them, and do a lot, lot more to create a captivating design that your customer can’t resist to order. Click here to know about Pixopa Online Designer Studio in detail.

Cutting Edge HTML5 Online Designer Studio

8. SEO – Add Keywords and Description

Pixopa Web-to-Print Template Builder helps you do the Search Engine Optimization for your template. Add keywords and description for each template, so that search engine (and hence the customer), finds the template easily. Many chances are, a customer searching for a “custom-printed bottle labels for wedding” finds your Web-to-Print store templates listed on top in Google, and ends up ordering them to you.

9. Specify Featured Templates

Specify which templates are featured ones as per current event and trend in market. Featured templates are highlighted in fronted as a special section. Highlight New Year templates as December arrives, Indpendence Day templates in June and July, templates supporting a political party during elections, all using this feature called Featured, with just one click. With these features, and more, we’re sure Pixopa Web-to-Print Template Builder will help you manage and deploy a large number of templates very easily. If you have any queries please feel free to Contact Us.