What do customers expect from a web-to-print storefront?

As a print house, the most important challenge is to know what your clientele would be interested in when they visit your online printing website. Most print houses invest heavily in jazzy web-to-print storefronts which prove useless for their customers or for the print house itself.

What customers really look for is an online print ordering system with the least number of steps. To put it in simple words, “Online Printing” means placing your orders over the web rather than visiting the store personally.

Some companies / individuals start a new venture without doing the necessary homework. It is vital to understand what business you intend to support online. Not all print providers support all print products. Your strategy is to prioritize the products you want to support so that you can validate vendors based on your needs rather than they showing you that they have highest “demo power”.

What customers really want to see are the products that you offer, the rates for different quantities, the quality of the material that you use, the turnaround time and lastly a facility for them to upload their files and pay online.

The idea is to not confuse customers and have them end up calling support. It could be annoying when they have to struggle with basic functionalities like file upload.

It should be as simple as ‘I want to print this product. Tell me the price. Take this file and deliver! If I want to reorder the print, my file should be stored under my profile. All of this should work on mobile and tablet as well’. That’s all. A complete no-nonsense system!

Pixopa understands this very well. We have kept in mind all these factors while conceptualizing our system to maintain the simplicity of ordering and providing a user friendly professional online designing tool along with powerful Ecommerce functions to foster brand loyalty.